There is no separate salary line for responsibility allowance on the payslip- GES

By | May 28, 2021

The management of the Ghana Education service GES has stated that it has come to their notice that there is a lot of misinterpretation of the responsibility allowance among the staff of the Ghana Education service.

According to GES, this has created some agitation among Staff of the service. To address this agitation among their staff, GES has written a statement to their staff clearing that misconception.

In a letter dated 27th May 2021 and signed by Adjoa Van Vicker (Mrs), Director, HRMD of the Ghana Education Service, the management clarifies some issues surrounding the responsibility allowance to the employees of the Ghana Education service. Click here to read GES full message on responsibility allowance for teachers

After management spelling out both teaching and no teaching staff that qualified to enjoy the responsibility allowance. The management of the Ghana Education Service has notified their staff that the respective responsibility allowance is factored into the salary level on the single spine salary structure. According to GES, there is no separate salary line for the responsibility allowance on the payslip.

The management, therefore, believes that this clarification given out to their Staff will bring to rest some agitation that has been raised by their employees.

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