This is the time to stop demoralizing our students.

By | January 5, 2021

Everyone knows how it pains when he or she was embarrassed by a teacher in a class. Those who read this post in one or the other have to influence our teacher to reduce the embarrassment meted out to these students.

Students feel embarrassed whenever a teacher gives them a funny haircut, readers can testify to the fact that whenever they remember the day their teachers humiliate them by giving them an embarrassing haircut that they were not happy with, this can even make a student feel like committing suicide. This attitude by teachers always makes students feel withdrawn from the other members of the class and they will begin to dislike the teachers and when a student begins to dislike the teacher, he or she will dislike the subject the teacher is teaching which leads to failure of your subject. Because you the teacher don’t want to disliked or because you don’t want students to fail your subject then it is good to stop demoralizing your students during teaching.

As a teacher, you should ensure that you don’t write your students’ names in public places. Writing student’s names in public places makes the students feel like they have been identified by you the teacher to be a stubborn child. This always makes the child feel dejected whenever they set an eye on you the teacher. This attitude of writing students’ names in public places can make a student not to attend your class and this can lead to failure of your subject. So, teachers Should be discouraged from writing students’ names in public places.

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Teachers should also be discouraged from praising students for a simple task for it makes them feel little. When a child is not answering questions in class and one day answer a simple question you the teacher should not praise these students for that simple work done as it makes them feel like they know nothing. This way of praising students makes them feel low and unhappy.

Giving students nicknames in class should be discouraged by our noble teachers in class. When students are given nicknames, they are been mock by their colleague’s students which makes them demoralizing and feel ashamed whenever they hear someone called them by that name, so as a teacher you should desist from that act of calling students nicknames.

Teachers should stop describing to students that they are good for nothing. This always makes the child feel like he or she knows nothing on earth and cannot do anything for the benefit of society. It also kills the spirit of student’s talents and makes them not realize their goals so teachers should avoid making students feel that they don’t know anything at all but rather encourage students to learn more.

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