This is what in-service teachers should note about NTC license updates.

By | April 23, 2021

The deadline for registration of qualified Teachers that was set to be on 7th May 2021 by the National Teaching Council has been postponed indefinitely by the management of the national Teaching Council (NTC).

In the letter cited by, it has been stated clearly by National Teaching Council (NTC) that the distribution of license for in-service teachers will begin officially on 12th May 2021 in the Greater Accra Region, and later it will be giving to the other regions.

As part of the processes leading to the licensing of in-service teachers, the National
Teaching Council (NTC) set a deadline of 7th May 2021 for all qualified in-service
teachers to register on the Teacher Portal Ghana (TPG).

Following request from some relevant stakeholders, the deadline has been extended

It must, however, be noted that the issuance of a license to qualified in-service
teachers will begin in Greater Accra Region on the 12h of May 2021 and later
proceed to other regions.

Further, teachers are to note that registration on the TPG is the first step for qualified
teachers to be issued their licenses. After licensing of qualified teachers, NTC will
proceed to register and issue a temporary license to non-qualified teachers across the

A detailed schedule of the licensing in other regions shall be provided in due course.

All teachers are therefore encouraged to visit and register for their


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