TM1 laptops are not an inferior product – Education Ministry to teacher unions.

By | November 17, 2021

The ministry of Education has refute the claim that the laptops meant for teachers are not inferior product that the Innovative Teachers and All Alliance Teachers union is claiming.

According to the Ministry of Education, they know the value of the laptops and what is good for the teachers in the pre-tertiary schools and their contribution to qualify Education so the ministry knows what material to supply to the teachers to enable them to bring their best in shaping the ideas of future leaders of this country.

The deputy public relations officer of the Ministry of Education explained that the necessary due diligence and process that was needed in the procurement of the laptops was followed before the laptops were procured.

Mr. Yaw Opoku Mensah said as he speaks now the laptops are in use by some teachers and nobody is complaining about the quality of the laptops. He said the machine is as good as any laptop you can find in the market.

He added that they are waiting for the due date to meet in court and all evidence will be made available to the court and the good people of this very country will hear about it.


The Innovative Teachers union and the All Alliance Teachers union organized a press briefing on Monday 15th November 2021 and raise their rejection of the one teacher one laptop. The founder of the Innovative Teachers union, Mr. Stephen Ayensu said the Ministry of Education has insulted teachers for too long, by purchasing substandard laptops for teachers. They said the price of the laptops is changing like a chameleon and as of now, they don’t know the exact price of the one teacher one laptop. They also said the figures of the laptops have not been consistent and that teachers also deserve better.

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