To be a good teacher: what qualities make you a good teacher.

By | January 4, 2021

As a teacher, there are certain qualities that you should possess that make you have control over your class, and this article extensively looks at some of these qualities of a good teacher. It has been identified by research that most teachers do not go over their books about what to teach before jumping into class to deliver their lesson which makes them perform poorly at the end.

Qualities of a good teacher

Knowledge about the subject matter is one of the qualities of a good teacher. For effective and successful delivery of lessons, a teacher should have this at the back of the mind before entering a class to deliver. A teacher without subject matter is like a mad dog barking at a mortal who does not move, the teacher must make sure that all that he to teach is at his or her fingertips, you can’t come to class and be talking about what you don’t know. So, the competency of the teacher about their subjects’ matter is paramount in lesson delivery. Students look at you as the teacher to be all-knowing so these students will want you to solve all their problems by asking you questions about what you are teaching or sometimes outside what you are teaching, so you the teacher need to be well versed in your subject area.

A good teacher must be patient. Patience as a teacher helps you to get closer to your students and know about them, so when you get to know your students, you will understand the strength and weaknesses of each child in your class and this will help you to adopt teaching strategies that will help everyone to understand what you are teaching in the class. It doesn’t mean that whatever you teach as a teacher in your class is understood by all, some students may have a listening problem, some it may be writing problem but if you don’t bring your down to these students’ level you won’t understand them and this can leave a wide gap between you and your students thereby making it impossible for learners to comprehend your lessons.

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Neatness is also one of the good qualities of a teacher. As a teacher, your students look at the way you dress in order to make judgments about you as to whether you can perform or not. A teacher who is neatly dressed has confidence in himself or herself to deliver his or her lessons properly. It also makes you feel comfortable to interact with your students but a teacher that continuously wear one thing or dress in tarted clothes will be laughed at by your students. The time you will be in class seriously teaching these children will form a mini class within your class discussing you and it will take only an intelligent teacher to notice this in your class. some can even approach you and ask you why you always wear one thing to class because they don’t regard you as a teacher with that kind of dress, for they know that a teacher is supposed to be neatly dressed.

Honesty is considered to be one of the qualities of a good teacher in the sense that as a teacher you should be truthful to your students, let your students know what is right or wrong, just be open to them, make sure that the students understand the right thing and the wrong thing so that they would not be conflict in their minds as to which concept is right or wrong.

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