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Trained teachers to be posted to private schools- NaSIA


The management of the National School Inspectorate Authority NaSIA has disclosed that they are in talks with the Ministry of Education to ensure that trained teachers are posted to private schools in the country.

According to the management of NaSIA, the move is to provide private schools with government textbooks. This will ensure equity, fairness, and quality education delivery in the country.

The Ghana National Association of private schools Teachers has been complaining of spending more of their resources during the pandemic than what they usually do during normal times.

Speaking at the 27th National Conference of private schools in cape coast, the Director-General of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority Dr. Haggar Hilda said they will ensure that teachers that are posted in government schools will be sent to private schools to ensure fairness.

“The Authority is negotiating on behalf of private schools Teachers with the ministry of education on some intervention such as the supply of textbooks to private schools and posting of Teachers who have not been absorbed by the public school’s system to private schools.” She stated.

She explained that the reason behind the move is that the private schools are also educating Ghanaian children and there is the need for them to also benefit from the coffers.

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