TTAG cried over the delay in the payment of their allowance

By | May 12, 2021

The National executive of the teacher trainees association of ghana (TTAG) in their 25th general assembly meeting held at Kibi college of education called on the government through the ministry of finance and GTEC to address an issue that causing the delay in the payment of their 2020/2021 academic year allowance.

The general assembly of TTAG complained about the decision of PRINCOF not given the ordinary trainee teacher their previous feeding grants which were paid by the government. According to the TTAG, the refusal to give trainees their feeding grants by PRINCOF is an attempt to deny the ordinary trainee what is due them.

Leaders of TTAG called on the Stakeholders involved in the payment of trainees allowance to reschedule a disbursement plan to ensure that subsequent allowance is paid to the teacher trainee for their stay in the home during the online Teaching and learning.


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