UCC send message to 3-semester and 5- semester sandwich students. Take note

By | May 22, 2021

The management of the university of cape coast (UCC) has written a message to all their 3-semester and 5-Semester sandwich students offering bachelor’s degrees in Basic and secondary programs.

“You are required to log into the students portal now to upload your nice passport picture for processing your student’s IDs card” the university stated

This exercise is very important because according to the university this is to enable the large number of students who didn’t get their student’s IDs to get their ID cards.

The institute also states that the exercise is to help correct the mistake that occurs when Students were made to take their passport picture in their various Centre. There has been a mismatch between Students’ names and their passport pictures. The main purpose of the exercise is to help correct that mistake.

To help correct this mistake, the university encourages all their sandwich Students both the 3-semester bachelor degree and the five-semester degree to log into their students portal and upload the passport picture size before the deadline of 26th May 2021.

Requirements of the passport picture
I. JPEG photo format
ii. White background
iii. 640 pixels x 480 pixels dimension

Note: immediately you upload your passport picture you can’t make changes again so every Student should take his or her time to upload the picture before the deadline. Share the information to get other students informed.

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