UEW initiate a Student ambassadors for covid-19 fight. Check the details here

By | February 15, 2021

the management of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has partner student leaders from all levels into its university community COVID-19 task force. This is part of their student’s initiative to fight the deadly pandemic on the campus.

The task force includes the university management, Dean, Directors, Head of departments students leaders from all levels, and security personnel to ensure that there is strict compliance of the covid protocols outlined in the school community.

The leaders of the students are empowered to serve as covid ambassadors together with the management of the school to ensure that students and their staff adhere to the protocols outlined in the school community to prevent the spread of the deadly pandemic.

At a ceremony to launch the campaign at Jophus Anamauh- Mensah conference center the vice-chancellor of the university Pro. Aful Broni said the idea was to ensure that students’ concern about the management of the pandemic is accommodated by the university management.

He added that the fight against the pandemic which has caused a lot of damage to the whole world required a hands-on-deck approach to fighting the pandemic in the university to ensure the safety of the users of the university.

Prof Aful said “The involvement of the students in combating the pandemic on campus is the most effective way towards ensuring that the students follow through all the safety measures spelled out to stop the further spread of the virus,”

He added that the student leaders were incorporated to be part of the decision-making process, ambassadors, and implementors of the safety protocols in the university to ensure that their colleagues follow the safety protocols.

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Prof Boni added that “As a public university, we are under strict obligation to follow through laid down directives to control the spread of the virus to prevent loss of lives of staff and students or the closure of the university and consequent disruption of the academic calendar.”

The vice-chancellor noted that the initiative could not have been successful by the university management and the staff alone and that all stakeholders were needed to ensure that all the safety protocols are adhered to, to reduce the spread of the virus in the university.

The vice-chancellor said, “we want to raise awareness of the COVID-19 safety protocols to a new level and we believe that the responsibility was on everyone to adhere to it that there will not be the situation that students would be forced to go home due to disregard for the protocols.”

He warns that the university management will not delay sanctioning any Students who are found not obeying the covid protocols outlined by the university.

Class representatives will be given hand sanitizer and thermometer gun to ensure that students follow the safety protocols in the lecture halls and the student’s leaders will be wearing a special task force mask and will be equipped with the needed logistics to ensure that the enforcement is effectively carried out in the university.

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