Updates: Dr.Adutwum speaks about the training and implementation of CCP for JHS Teachers

By | May 18, 2021

The Minister of education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum has disclosed on Peace Fm Kokroko morning show that the implementation of the common core program CCP for junior high schools will be next year.

When the honorable minister was asked whether it is true that teachers in Basic schools in Ghana are Teaching without textbooks, he responded that although materials have been printed for Teachers to use at the basic schools, they are not enough and his Ministry and the Ghana Education Service (Ges) are in talks to make sure textbooks are made available for teachers at the basic schools.

He added those Teachers in the junior high school will receive training for the common core program (CCP) this year 2021 but the implementation of the program will be next year by that time textbooks for Teaching will be ready for use.

He explained that he doesn’t want the implementation of the common core program (CCP) to be like the primary level curriculum where Teachers have received training for the curriculum meanwhile there are no textbooks for them to use.

He wants that by the time the common core program will be implemented that will be next year, textbooks too will be ready.

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