Updates on Innovative Teachers court case on Teachers laptops.

By | November 28, 2021

The Innovative Teachers union and All Teachers Alliance Ghana ( ATAG) union sued the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, and the KA Technology for producing and distributing substandard laptops for teachers.

Wednesday 24th November 2021, the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, and KA Technology Ghana limited were to report in court to respond to the allegations raised by the two teacher unions (Innovative Teachers and All Teachers Alliance Ghana). Out of the defenders mentioned above only the KA Technology, Ghana limited that came to court on the 24th November 2021 to respond to the Innovative Teachers case.

On the issue of whether KA Technology Ghana limited was a registered company from the Ghana standard authority. KA Technology Ghana limited admitted that their company does not have records with the Ghana Standard Authority and that their company does not need authorization from Ghana Standard Authority before they can produce laptops.

KA Technology Ghana limited however produce a document which they said is from the Ghana Registry department. All the other defenders failed to show up in court to defend the allegations of the Innovative Teachers and All Teachers Alliance Ghana.

The court will be meeting in December to resume the case.

Some of the major issues that lead to the two teacher unions in securing court injunction on the distribution of the laptops to teachers were, the two teacher unions vehemently oppose the 30% and 70% cost-sharing idea with the motive that it is the responsibility of the employer to provide tools for teachers.

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The two teacher unions also had issues with the number of laptops that were procured for teachers. According to them, the number keeps on changing from 350,000 pieces of laptops to 280,000 laptops which they are now confused about which number to take.

They further explained that the price of laptops is changing like a chameleon. At first, they were told the price of a laptop is GH¢1550 which was later changed to GH¢1831. So they wanted to know how much the company negotiated with the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education before they started producing the laptops.

The innovative Teachers union also said KA Technology Ghana limited which was contracted to produce the laptops for teachers has no track records from the Ghana Standard Authority.

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