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Updates: Teachers will be upgraded by the end of August 2021 -GES


The Director-General of education Service has disclosed that 14,997 Teachers have been upgraded and a lot more will be upgraded by the end of August 2021. Speaking to heads of senior High Schools and stakeholders in Tamale, prof Opoku Amankwa stated that those who qualify for upgrading can check at their Regional Education offices and alert their office of any challenges.

Speaking to stakeholders in Tamale, prof. Opoku Amankwa stated the reason for the froze in the upgrading of Teachers was that most of the teachers went for further studies without seeking approval from the Service but his office has worked on it and has cleared all those who qualify to be upgraded.

Prof Opoku-Amankwa also took the opportunity to respond to some of the pressing issues of staff of the GES including upgrading and responsibility allowance. He indicated that a total of 14,997 staff have been upgraded as of 31st July this year.
He also said 41,066 staff of GES currently receive responsibility allowance. He indicated that the list of staff who have been upgraded as well as those receiving responsibility allowance have been sent out to the Regional Directors and have been asked to display them. He therefore urged staff of GES who qualify for either upgrading or responsibility allowance to check their respective regions and subsequently alert his/her office of any challenges thereof. He continued to explain that management froze upgrades for sometime now as many of these staff went for further studies in various programmes without obtaining the necessary approvals from the Service.

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Be rest assured that all these staff involved have been cleared to be upgraded to the appropriate ranks in the Service. “These works began last month and the rest would be added in the month of August 2021”, Prof Opoku-Amankwa emphasized.


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