Upgrading of Teachers and it’s related controversies

By | May 30, 2021

In-service Teachers in Ghana Education service have consistently complained and asked for Government to upgrade them but their call has always been like pouring water on a rock to the Government.

This issue of upgrading of Teachers has been raised several times by teachers but it seems the employer has decided to close hears. Can you imagine qualifying for upgrading in 2019 having your upgrading letter and still you have not yet been put on the rightful salary scale? At times trying to follow up to get yourself upgraded and the district Directors will be asking questions like have you been in the service for seven years? Come on! What are you talking about? is this also happening in another public sector like GES. In another public sector the same month an employee finished his or her further studies the next month the same employee will start to benefit from his or her labor. Why can’t the same be done in the teaching service? Teachers have been cheated for too long.

For now, there is no union to fight for Teachers. Because all the teacher’s unions GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH are dues collectors. They are only known for collecting dues and increase cancer funds when there are small increments on Teachers’ salaries but care little about the welfare of Teachers. For the issue of increments of salaries of Teachers we know it to be a national challenge. What about upgrading Teachers? The teacher unions have failed their members and no longer deserve to be called union leaders again.

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When this issue of upgrading of Teachers came to light. What better thing has the union leaders did to show that they are there to fight for the welfare of their members. The only thing I can remember they did was the false Ultimatum they gave to the government on 23rd March 2021 to upgrade Teachers before the end of April 2021. Currently, we are left with one day for May 2021 to end. What better action have they taken.

Later in March GNAT came out with an issue that upgrading of Teachers has been delayed due to delay in financial clearance. The question we asked do Teachers have to stop impacting the new skills they have acquired and also wait till Goverment gets clearance. When things are getting worst in sought of Teachers’ unions taking steps to get it resolved, you are there waiting for Government to give clearance. Why then are you called a union? This is a major problem affecting Teachers. Teacher unions are supposed to sit with the employer to get the problem fix not waiting for clearance from the government before. Okay, should Government come out today and say there is no money to pay teachers will the union leaders sit down and wait till Goverment gets money to pay salaries? This upgrading issue is not right and must be fixed.

Ghanaian Teachers have suffered for too long. Teachers are working in pain pretending everything is alright but indeed they are suffering. If Government wants this almost-collapse Education system to be brought back to its fit, they should think of motivating the teacher but not bringing gigantic curriculum thinking that will be the solution for the Educational system.

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