Upgrading of teachers returning from study leave and the Controversies surrounding it. Check it

By | February 15, 2021

The Ghana education service is responsible for the promotion and upgrading of its employees both the teaching and non-teaching staff. Last year the Ghana education service changes its mode of promoting teachers from interviewing to writing aptitude tests.

These teachers who were able to write and passed their aptitude test in 2020 were promoted to their respective ranks in May 2020 and some too had their promotion in June and July same year.

But the most challenging and hard to believe one is the upgrading of teachers who have spent all their hard earn monies to further their education course and still have not gotten upgraded to their respective ranks.

Since the last three years that is 2018, 2019 and 2020 teachers who have returned from study leave are still taking salaries in their old ranks meanwhile there were supposed to be upgraded to their respective ranks as we speak now.

Some of these teachers did not go for the aptitude test that Ghana Education organized last year for the promotion of teachers with the aim that they will use their certificates to get upgraded to the ranks of principal superintendent (PS) but this could not materialize.

Some of them have written letters upon letters to their regional and district Education offices and at times the money they waste to move from their station to the district office has not brought any positive results.

When the Education Minister designate was asked during his vetting about this upgrading issues he said his not aware that some teachers have not been upgraded yet and that when his given the office he will ensure that this issues get resolved.

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The fact that is yet to be clear is whether Ghana education service does not want its employees to be embarking on further studies or there is no money for upgrading of teachers or it is just a deliberate attempt on certain people within the Ghana education service not to upgrade these teachers.

These are still unanswered questions that we seek to find. We entreat our readers to keep checking this website for updates on this very issue for our hope is on this education minister-designate.

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