Urgent. Potential UCC postgraduate 2020/2021 applicants should take notice of this important info.

By | February 23, 2021

The management of the university of cape coast (UCC) said they have noticed a website advertising UCC postgraduate 2021/2022 form which is not from the University and the general public should be careful with those unscrupulous individuals trying to extort money from the general public.

University of Cape Coast, February 23, 2021: It has come to the attention of the Management of the
The University of Cape Coast that some unscrupulous individuals are circulating information

about the University’s Sandwich programs through a portal identified as

The general public is hereby informed that the said site that published the information does
not belong to the University. The University of Cape Coast has not placed an advert on
Sandwich programs for the 2021/2022 Academic Year.

It must further be noted that the Academic Year for Sandwich programs would rather
be 2021 Sandwich Semester and not as is being circulated.

Management of the University wishes to caution potential applicants and the general
public to disregard such false publications from unknown sites which are not related to the
University official sites. Stakeholders are further entreated to verify the link of every
information related to the University before making any payments, in order not to fall, victim

to fraudsters.

The general public is assured that necessary steps are being taken to pull the said
publication down while arrangements are also being made to advertise Sandwich
Programs for the 2021 Sandwich Semester in due course.

The following are the University’s official website and social media handles

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Website: https://www.ucc.edu.gh/

Facebook: University of Cape Coast (UCC)
Twitter: UCCGH_Official

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