Valley View University (VVU) to clear GA as a Ghanaian language. Check the details

By | February 14, 2021

The valley view university and its management has explained the reasons why the institution will be clearing GA language as a Ghanaian language in their basic school’s department.

The valley view university (VVU) base in Accra has indicated that they will not be teaching and learning of GA language as a Ghanaian language subject in their Basic school due to the lack of qualified Ga language teachers in the institution.

The valley view university basic schools wrote a letter to all parents of their pupils in their basic school notifying them that the institution will no more be teaching and learning GA language as a subject starting from the 2021 academic year.

The management of the institution stated it clear that they will not be teaching and learning GA language due to the inability of the school to get Ga language teachers.

They stated that only basic 1 to basic three pupils will not be able to get the Ga language teacher.

This issue made the general public to complain bitterly about the unfortunate incident and questions the university why the have not employed some one to handle the course with a lot of people with Ga language qualification.

The institution responded that they are sorry for the unfortunate incident but it was not their intention to remove Ga language as a subject or sideline a particular ethnic group.

The management stated that their earlier decision was because the institution could not find a qualified Ga language teacher for some time.

The institution, therefore, assured the general public of trying to get a qualified Ga language teacher as soon as possible.

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