Very urgent. All UCC College of distance education students should take notice of this important info.

By | February 18, 2021

The management of the university of cape coast wishes to inform their cherished Students that they should be reminded of the quiz that was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances schedule.

The university wishes to inform its Students that the postponed quiz one will be writing together with the main end of semester two examination as schedule ( 30 minutes before the paper).

The following business and Education courses will be written together with their respective end-of-semester two examinations.

Business coursesEducation courses
Application in Business
Cooperate Financial Reporting
Business research methods
Training and development
Advance Financial Reporting two (Advance Accounting Two)
Audit and Assurance practice
Business ethics and corporate governance
Corporate Finance
Financial Risk Management
International Human Resources Management
Negotiation process Management
Stores and warehousing management
Financial Reporting two
Business Finance
Principles of Teaching French as a Foreign language
French language structure and usage 2 ( oral and written)
Literature of Ghanaian language a.Mfanste b.Twi c.Ga d.Ewe
Written literature of Ghanaian language a.Mfanste b.Twi c.Ga d.Ewe
Language usage two (Essay writing/Comprehension/summary): a.Twi b.Ewe
Ghanaian language and culture:
Cultural studies; a.Mfanste b.Twi c.Ga d.Ewe e.Dagaare f.Dagbani g.Gonja h.Gurune I. Kaden
EBS 123 General Chemistry (core) for Diploma in basic Education, (DEP), Diploma in Early childhood (Dec), Diploma in junior high school Education (DJHSE)

Due to the general complaints received, 2 BDE (PDE) year 1 and 2 DEP/ BEF year 1 and DCO/DMS 1 Students have to take note, semester two quiz one in intermediate Agriculture one and Basic statistics will be written together with the main end of semester two examination ( that is 30 minutes before the main paper)

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Again, semester two quiz two in the aforementioned semester courses will be written during section three of the end of semester 2 Examination from 10:30 am to 11:00 am on Sunday 7th March 2021, DCO/DMS year students will also rewrite quiz two in Computer Application in Business in the same time.

Below is the attached file:

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