WAEC has officially dismiss the claim made by GNACOPS and asked private schools to show proof.

By | April 7, 2022

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has dismiss the accusations that they are fond of marking down candidates from private schools who sat for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

This comes as a result of the allegations made by the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) due to the outcome of the 2021 BECE results and the Computerized Schools Selection and Placement.

The Council of Private Schools alleged that candidates from private schools are being deliberately marked down in the BECE to give an advantage to students in public schools in the Computerized Schools Selection and Placement System.

But responding to this allegations on eyewitness news, the public relations Officer of the Examination Management body, Agnes Teye-Cudjoe stated that these are vague accusations that need to be backed by evidence.

Madam Agnes stated that “These are wild allegations from GNACOPS. I think that, they should go back and do their homework well and try and rectify the problem rather than relying on the false accusations that private schools are marked down. He who alleges must prove. These are wild allegations. I think they should prove because you can’t make these wild allegations and the feed the minds of the public with it.”

The PRO asked the general public to disregard this information and further explained that the marking of BECE is done in a way that Officers of the Council are unable to differentiate between public and private schools.

“I am a bit surprised at the allegations. We don’t have the name of schools on the scripts to know whether it is from a private or public school. Even with the envelope for the scripts, we do not make provisions for the name of schools. We have over 10,000 examiners so how do we get all these examiners and tell them that, these are scripts from the private schools so they should mark it differently from the public schools”, the PRO of the WAEC quizzes.

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