Watch out the things Ghana Education Service (GES) promise to provide to school for reopening which as not been materialized on the first day of school.

By | January 19, 2021

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic school was asked to close down by government but on the 18th of January 2020 school resumed and teachers of most schools were waiting for the things which were to be given to them to prevent themselves and their students from these deadly pandemics. Our source has revealed most of the things that were to be given to schools to help prevent the spread of this pandemic but could not be made available to the schools.

Provision of nose mask. Ghana health services have recommended the use of a nose mask by all and sundry who has made his or her mind to step out of his or her house to help prevent the spread of this deadly pandemic. With this in mind, Ghana Education Service made it Cristal clear that on the first day of reopening of schools which are supposed to be Monday 18th January that every school staff and their students will be provided with three reusable nose masks but this could not be presented as promise and I asked does it mean that the pandemic does not catch people on their first day to school.

Provision of running water for washing of hands. Another measure that the world health organization and Ghana health services put in place to help curb the virus from spreading was regular hand washing. This according to health experts that when you come into contact with the virus and you wash your hands with running water for at least twenty to thirty minutes will help you wash the virus away and prevent yourself from contracting the virus. Our checks have revealed that these Veronica buckets were not provided.

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Provision of disposable hand towels or tissue paper. This is also one of the preventive measures that can help you from contracting the virus. After you wash your hands, you use the tissue paper and clean your hands gently and dispose of the tissue paper, you can also use the tissue paper to cover your nose and mouth when you are coughing or sneezing and after you finished coughing you dispose of the tissue gentle to prevent you from spreading the virus to your colleagues but upon our visit to most communities in our area shows that no tissue paper has been provided to these teachers and their students to help prevent the spread of the virus on the first day of reopening schools.

Now the virus is spreading like wildfire so we should not take it for granted and say that because is the first day of reopening school nothing will happen, it will be unwise to conclude that way so we are entreating government and stakeholders involved to speed up with their plans of distributing these materials to our teachers and their students to help prevent the fast spread of this virus.

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