We don’t have issues with vacancies in our schools -Director-General of Ghana education services.

By | February 23, 2021

The issue of vacancies has always been a challenge in senior high schools in Ghana which makes it difficult for junior high school graduates to be able to attend senior high schools in Ghana.

This made the government and the Ghana education service to introduced the double-track system in our senior high schools in Ghana.

This double-track system generated a lot of controversies in the country with some people referring to the double-track system as “traffic light” green and yellow tracks. Although it was introduced to solve the problem of infrastructure in our schools.

Yesterday February 22, 2021, the African Educational watch states that expanding infrastructure facilities in our schools will not solve the problem of the double track system in our schools.

During Joynews interview on Monday 22nd February 2021 with the director-general of Ghana education service, prof. Opoku Amankwa stated that the 721 available senior high schools that have declared their vacancies to take this 2020 / 2021 academic year student have available spaces to accept the students.

He added that the schools can accommodate about 530,000 Students which means that there will be excess spaces in our schools.

He said the problem they will be confronted with is, there are 55 oversubscribe schools where every student wishes to go and that always generates problems in some schools meanwhile there are vacancies in other schools.

He said they have added infrastructure facilities in the senior high schools that can accommodate large students this academic year.

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