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By | March 17, 2021

There has been Public uproar these days about some basic 4 history Textbooks which have been published in line with the introduction of the new curriculum. People have complained about the fact that these textbooks have content that has the potency of polluting the minds of our young ones in schools.

Although the National Council for Curriculum and assessment (NaCCA) which is mandatory by law to review and assess textbooks before they are allowed to be used in our basic schools have come out to explain that those books which are circulating in basic schools have content talking about “efo agrees to prepare JuJu for prayer” are not approved, and have requested that those publishing companies that published those books to come out through print and electronic media to apologize for that act.

When Joynews PM express yesterday 16th of March 2021 was discussing this matter and the general secretary of Ghana National Association of teachers was asked what he thinks could have been the best way for publishing textbooks for use in the country, Mr. Thomas Musah stated clearly that teachers are those teaching in the classrooms and some of them have taught for like five to ten years so he feels that teachers have much experience to write textbooks that can best fit for use in our Ghanaian basic schools, so when teachers are giving the opportunity and the resources are made available to them all this issue of textbooks characterizing some ethnic groups and personality in Ghana would not have been an issue.

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He also talked about the fact that the history Textbook book in question if NaCCA is saying that the book was not approved by NaCCA why is that the book is having NaCCA’s serial number and stump but in response to that the president of the publisher’s companies of Ghana said the textbook was not approved by NaCCA, he testified that he saw the book but there was no NaCCA’s stump on it. The president of the publisher’s companies in Ghana said they have rules and regulations governing the publishing of textbooks and their committee have met to look at the textbook if it is against their rule then the owner of the textbook will be strongly sanctioned.

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