When are the proposed laptops for teachers coming?

By | March 5, 2021

Just this year 2021 it came to the notice of teachers that laptops will given to facilitate their duties in the classroom. This initiative was from the government in collaboration with Gnat and the Ghana education services to provide teachers with laptops to fulfill the government digitization agenda.

This proposal came out that Government was purchasing these laptops for teachers and that teachers were only going to pay 30% of the cost of the laptops and the government taking the remaining cost.

Some teachers were planning to purchase their laptops and because they heard that the government was going to purchase laptops for them, some of them decided to stop buying their laptops and wait for government laptops that will be coming and every teacher is supposed to take one if it comes. So some teachers saw the need to wait for these laptops since it will be a waste of money buying a laptop and still pick a laptop from the government of which they will also be deducting your money from the controller.

It is based on this that these teachers want the government and the various teacher unions to come clear on when these laptops will be delivered to them. In other words, they want to know the time frame as to when the laptops will be coming so that they will plan whether to purchase theirs or to wait for the government.

Although it was a nice idea by the government to give teachers laptops the problem was why should the government be giving teachers laptops but still be asking these very teachers to pay part of the cost.

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It would have been a nice move if the government could take all the cost of the laptops as every employee will wish his or her employer to do. Same as compared to teachers it will have been fulfilling agenda if the government will take all the cost of this very laptop.

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